A never ending story...

...modern production methods at Winsford

In January 2002 we purchased a JOY 12HM36 Continuous Mining Machine (JCM) to replace the traditional method of salt extraction of drilling and blasting. It is a 'single drum head miner' that weighs 130 tonnes.

It uses tungsten steel cutting picks fitted to a drum to claw away the rock salt. The excavated rock salt is collected underneath and passed through the machine to a conveyor system to transport the salt to the crushing and screening stations.

Crushing and screening

Once the rock has left the face it goes to the crushing and screening plant to be crushed and graded into the correct size of either 0-6mm or 0-10mm.

After crushing the salt it is conveyed to No 5 shaft, elevated to the surface, treated with anti-caking agent and then put into storage ready for transportation via 28 tonne tipper trucks, or occasionally by rail.

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